Paisley festival

Paisley – Scotland’s Choir Town

Welcome to the site that gives you all you need to know about Voices in Paisley, an annual festival comprising Paisley Choral Festival plus Fringe Voices!

Voices in Paisley offers concerts by high-profile professional groups of international repute, visiting and local amateur choirs, educational and training activities and events for community participation.

Promoted by the Paisley Festival Company, Voices in Paisley forms part of a new Paisley Pattern, to attract national and international recognition for the town of Paisley as Scotland’s Choir Town – a centre of excellence in choral performance, a location for friendly competition and a venue for educational activities linked to choral singing. All types and categories of choirs are welcome.

Voices in Paisley 2008 runs from Friday 24 October to Saturday 8 November.

A range of Other Events is promoted throughout the year, with opportunities for individuals to take part and for the aims of other charitable bodies with a music connection to be promoted via registration with the Paisley Festival Company. We also help students save money on their college books by using coupons.


Paisley Festival Company is a registered Scottish charity, established in June 2005 and headed by a Board of Directors, all unpaid and working on a voluntary basis. All its income, after payment of event expenses, goes back into funding the next series of events on behalf of the community.

The Company builds on the long and strong musical tradition in the area, the continuing high level of accomplished choral activity and the availability of a range of beautiful and interesting venues dating from Paisley’s monastic and industrial past. It promotes activities in the area of arts and culture to foster urban regeneration, boosting tourism in a part of Scotland served well by transport infrastructure and within easy reach of a range of things to do and visit. The Company has established links with local government, higher education and voluntary community organisations as well as effective connections with academic musical interests in the West of Scotland and beyond.

The Company was set up by ‘Voices in Paisley’, originally a network of choirs in the Renfrewshire/East Renfrewshire area formed with the idea of promoting a choral festival. The first Paisley Choral Festival was held in 2004, the success of which encouraged the group to pursue its plan to set up a company to take the festival forward into the future. Meanwhile, the Member Choirs of the original ‘Voices in Paisley’ continue to co-ordinate their involvement in Paisley Choral Festival.